We here at Soul Model Media have set out to help people with principled causes spread their message.  Our focus is to create high quality audio and video through a purpose driven process. Great picture and sound will grab attention; but the key is designing the correct message for the desired audience.  Where we aim to separate ourselves is in the preparation and planning before the camera starts rolling.  

Soul Model Media is developing a culture of creativity.  We are a new company but our team has a great amount of experience.   Our crew continues to enjoy our careers through developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.  ​Since we are continuously learning how to best reach people like you; we will continuously educate our following!  Soul Model Media will grow and we want you to grow with us!  This is not just a place to expose our mission but also a place to share knowledge with those wishing to gain exposure.  We look to help good people who are trying to enjoy life through their efforts.  

What is your cause about?  Are you targeting the right people?  Do you need a single promotional video or an educational series?  We want to sit with you and dive deep into your purpose.  Often when going through this process, businesses and teams are reinvigorated.  With each consultation the purpose and vision for the future enhances.  A new tone is set when you decide to capture emotion through the power video.  


If your cause is looking for greater exposure send us a message to say hello. We would love to talk about we can help.

Welcome to Soul Model Media

Phil Metzger


Soul Model Media, LLC

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